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Sustainable development and design improves your total quality of life, both now and in the future. TLC incorporate sustainable design to create Environmentally sustainable homes that minimise the impact on the environment by incorporating features such as rainwater tanks, energy efficient hot water system and passive solar design for the local climate.


The design of your home for environmental sustainability should address the following:


-           Thermally efficient design

-           Sustainable building materials

-           Energy efficiency

-           Renewable energy options

-           Sustainable water and sanitation systems

-           Waste minimisation and recycling

-           Site impact & orientation

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During construction we use sustainable methods of construction. Some of these processes are as follows:


  • Passive solar designs

  • We have a sustainable approach to materials selections i.e. all timber is plantation grown timber, concrete supply is from a concrete supplier who recycles 25% of all materials input to the concrete (i.e. water, cement, sand and aggregate etc.)

  • Wherever possible most of our construction material inputs are constructed off site i.e. timber wall frame, roof trusses, joinery components and windows.

Each site is inspected to minimise the amount of site cutting which entails the use of heavy machinery and excess fill is kept to minimum. We recycle as much of our building waste as possible i.e. our waste is segregated and recycled where possible i.e. brick and concrete waste is recycled and used as fill material for civil constructions, timber waste is recycled and plasterboard is recycled where ever possible. Water usages of homes have water tanks which are connected to toilet systems and laundries. We use pressure limiting values, appropriate water saving tap ware and toilet systems. We endorse the use of the most energy sufficient gas and electrical appliances throughout the house. All of our lighting is LED and we encourage the use of solar hot water services.


TLC Constructions is a custom home builder with an established reputation for quality and service, you can be assured that we provide the highest of standard with quality products selected from reputable suppliers

TLC is a registered GreenSmart Professional

Housing sustainability is of the upmost importance and we encourage our clients to select materials and techniques that will give the best possible payback period.